Tenant-Landlord Webinar
Tenant-Landlord Webinar
Speaker April Boxeth, Attorney/Partner, Voigt, Rodè and Boxeth, St. Paul

Refresh your understanding of Minnesota's Landlord-Tenant Law and how it applies to HWS/AL setting.

Review the responsibilities and obligations landlords and tenants have to each other under the law and how those are to be spelled out in leases, tenant handbooks, notices, etc.

Compare and contrast the differences between the requirements of Landlord-Tenant Law and home care services - which if not addressed appropriately can result in legal exposure for the HWS/AL organization and can put clients at significant risk to their health.

Using case study examples, discuss best practices for managers and nurses to handle challenging situations where a client's right to return to their home is in conflict with an agency's ability to provide appropriate levels of care.

Recognize the importance of using the correct corporate ID numbers of your organization's various business structures in an era where state and federal agency databases can 'talk' to each other.

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