Behavioral Health Module #2 - Personality Disorders
Behavioral Health Module #2 - Personality Disorders

Become familiar with the continuum of mental illness most frequently present in older adults in care centers, assisted living and adult day programs. This includes adjustment reactions, mood disorders, thought disorders, personality disorders and chemical health.

Learn how these most frequent forms of mental illness tend to present themselves in the behaviors of older adults so you have a clearer understanding of what’s behind them.

Describe some essential strategies you can use right away to care for persons with a mental illness and to address challenging behaviors when they arise.

Identify critical information you need to gather from referral sources that will provide clues to or a diagnosis of a mental illness, so you know who’s coming to live in or be served in your setting.

Recognize that an effective behavioral health program requires a significant change in philosophy of care and what your organization can do to adopt these new approaches.

John Brose, Ph.D., LP, LMFT, LADC and Director, Associated Clinic of Psychology, Minneapolis

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